No deposit, no key money, and no commission! Pay only a flat utility fee (gas, water, electricity) with WiFi every month!

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OYO is the world’s second largest chain of operated hotels, homes, managed living and work spaces. Starting from March 2019, OYO established 'OYO LIFE', an exciting new real estate business in Japan.

OYO LIFE aims to challenge the traditional Japanese rental system, which usually includes high initial costs and complicated contract flow. Our service offers low initial fees, rooms bookable by smartphone, and rooms with furnishing and appliances!

This is a completely new rental service experience!



Features of OYO LIFE

OYO LIFE offers simple, low initial costs for move-in.

Traditional Japanese rental system vs. OYO LIFE

Compare the initial cost of an apartment with a monthly rent of 70,000 yen - with OYO LIFE, you will only pay a simple booking and cleaning fee, saving hundreds of thousands of yen!

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Average Studio Apartment Rent: 


Average Studio Apartment Rent: 


Average Studio Apartment Rent: 


Average Studio Apartment Rent: 


Average Studio Apartment Rent: 


Average Studio Apartment Rent: 


Most Room with Furnished, Appliances, Free WiFi. Utility charge also includes monthly rent fee. 

No stress dealing with electricity and gas bills in a foreign language. 

We have a lot of simple and calm rooms, near the station and newly built, and well equipped facilities.

※Depends on the property type.

You can choose a room with or without furniture. You can move-in as soon as the next day!


and Appliances


Microwave oven

Washing machine

Vacuum cleaner

Electronic kettle


Find over 5,000 rooms at OYO LIFE! Located not only in the heart of Tokyo, but also in the Great Tokyo Area of Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa. Enjoy a stress-free life in an OYO LIFE room!

Move-in with just one suitcase!

Furnished Options

Move-in in four simple steps!

After finding your room, confirm your move-in and move-out dates, and prepare your photo ID for the application process.

▪︎Online contract available

▪︎Easily pay with your credit card!

The day before moving in, you will receive the key information by email.


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I was hired as an English language teacher from abroad, and needed to find an apartment before arriving in Japan. While doing research, I found that Japanese apartments typically charge a substantial upfront fee - up to 5-6 times the monthly rent! However, upon finding OYO LIFE, I realized I would be able to move into a Japanese apartment without paying such a high upfront cost!

(American citizen, 28 years old)

I was able to rent my room with low initial fees!

With little notice, I quickly needed to move to Japan for a company project. After contacting the OYO LIFE customer service, they helped me find a room close to my new office, and the contract was completed within a few days. It was so fast and convenient! I was able to easily complete the room contract from abroad, and moved into my apartment immediately after getting off the plane. I would recommend this service to my friends, if they decided to move to Japan!

(Australian citizen 36 years old)

I reserved my room before moving to Japan!

While searching for an apartment with other real estate agents, I couldn't understand the contract or process because their staff could only speak basic English. Thanks to OYO LIFE, I was able to rent a great room in Tokyo, with their English-speaking staff guiding me through the process in my native language. Their English-speaking staff also helped me when I had some concerns with the apartment, even after moving in.

(British citizen 32 years old)

English support made the process easy!

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